Carolina + Nick

Sometimes, love begins with a shared passion, and for one athletic couple, their journey started as varsity athletes. As they embarked on the exciting chapter of their engagement, they decided to commemorate this special time with a fall photoshoot in the enchanting Griffith Woods Park. Nestled along the Elbow River, this natural haven provided a breathtaking backdrop for a celebration of love that started with a common love for sports. Their story began in the spirited atmosphere of university sports. Both passionate about their respective games, they found common ground on the court, and the sparks of their romance ignited over the shared thrill of competition and camaraderie. As they navigated the challenges of university life, their bond grew stronger, eventually leading them to the beautiful decision to spend their lives together.

The fall photoshoot not only encapsulated the splendor of the season but also reflected the genuine and enduring love that began on the court.